Blues – Advanced Improvisation Concepts

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Free Video Guitar Lesson

Blues – Advanced Improvisation Concepts

by Hanspeter Kruesi of



Instructor: Hanspeter Kruesi

Speciality: Blues, Jazz and Touch Technique


This is a lesson about advanced improvisation concepts on blues. It shows how you can play 3 different scales on any 12 bar or other blues.

The blues pattern I use here has the following chord progression:

D / D / D / D

G / G / D / D

A / G / D / D

The scales which can be used are:

D minor pentatonic

D blues scale

D, G and A mixolydian scale.

You can play the following scales on the following chords :

D : D minor pentatonic, D blues scale, D mixolydian scale

G : D minor pentatonic, D blues scale, G mixolydian scale

A : D minor pentatonic, D blues scale, A mixolydian scale

On the Guitar Tricks site I have a whole bundle of licks which might give you some additional inspiration. Each lick is marked as pentatonic or mixolydian lick in the description. When you transpose a pentatonic lick you have to transpose it to the key of the blues you are playing. When you transpose a mixolydian lick you have to transpose it to the chord you want to improvise.

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